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Library Partner Updates: July 2021

July 2021

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Recap: by the numbers



The number of research- and library-related questions that we answered between January 1, 2020  - July 1, 2021.

This includes questions from students, staff, faculty, and the community, and includes answers from all three MU libraries: Drinko, Morrow, and South Charleston.



Library Help

Question mark in talk bubble              Ask a Librarian - You and your students have several convenient options for contacting a librarian for support with research, or to get answers to library questions: Chat, email, text, phone, drop-in, or scheduled appointments (in-person or virtual). 


Library Instruction

people icon            Request Instruction - Now is the time to plan your customized research session, to ensure we show your students the skills they need to produce successful scholarly projects. NOTE: unless campus-wide changes take place, library instruction delivery will be based on faculty preference: if you have a F2F class, we will teach F2F; if you have an online class, we will teach virtually via Teams. 


Library Hours

                calendar and clock icon             View all library location department hours -  We are pleased to announce the return to normal library operating hours. Please note that a current MUID is required to enter the building after 5pm.


A Reminder for Grad Faculty:

                speaker icon             Are you chairing and/or serving on a thesis or dissertation committee? Please review the Theses & Dissertations page for contact info, timeline, due dates, and requirements.



Library FAQs

Make sure you're going off the most up-to-date info about our library services and resources:*

  • Research Instruction will return to the delivery mode of the requesting professor's choice: F2F for in-person classes, and virtual for online classes.
  • If you wish to borrow any of our print resources, you will have the freedom to browse in our library buildings and checkout items in person, or request them to be pulled for you and put on hold. The Drinko Library hold shelf is a COVID-specific service that we will continue due to popularity. 
  • Find Open Educational Resources (OERs) to keep your student's costs down. Did you know you can search institutional repositories around the world to find textbooks and other content that are freely available to you and your students? Visit Marshall Digital Scholar's OER Textbook Collection, or choose All Repositories in the Limit Search To drop-down menu from the MDS Advanced Search page
  • Library Reserves are returning to normal: Instead of scanning print items, physical items will be available.**
  • Textbook Loan Program is also returning to normal: all physical items will be available for checkout.**
  • Interlibrary Loan/IDS is also returning to normal: all university-owned items that are requested must be checked out at the Drinko circulation desk (they will no longer be scanned and delivered electronically)** 

*As of July 22nd, 2021. Subject to change at any time based on campus policies, and/or local, state, and national government guidance.

**These "return-to-normal" policies for Reserves, Textbook Loan Program, and IDS items are due to copyright restrictions that were lifted during COVID but are no longer in place.


LibGuide statistics for the period of January 1, 2020 - July 1, 2021: 152 total guides; 252,022 total number of page hits. 257,235 total number of user sessions.*

*A "session" is defined as a unique browser who has visited a LibGuide page, where the time between visits to subsequent pages does not exceed 30 minutes. For example, if a user (browser) visits a page for the first time, then visits a number of other pages, each within 30 minutes of each other, all of those page views are counted as one session. If that same user waits more than 30 minutes before visiting another page, the next page view will be counted as a new session.

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