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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Marshall: Black Studies


Apollo Theatre, HarlemThis page introduces the basic concepts included in the large field of Black Studies. Among the ideas that the sources here listed cover are: (1) black history, esp. including civil rights in the United States; (2) black politics and social relations; (3) lack studies and educational issues and practices. In the sections on this page, you'll find some of the books in MU's library catalog as well as our journals and websites.

Please also note the sub-pages accompanying this topic. Vast amounts of research have been done on three still developing fields: (1) hip-hop/rap music, often in relation to Black identities, cultures, and politics), (2) representations of blackness in television and film; (3) Black gendered identifies. See the subpages titled "Black Media and Music" and "Black Genders" for just a smattering of what MU libraries have on these important new fields. 

As with all the pages on this libguide, the below sources are just an introduction. Remember to do a Summon search for other books and articles (perhaps using authors, topics listed here as keywords) and also to look through our database of academic journals.  


Trailer, James Baldwin

MU Databases with a Black Focus

Cornel West: Philosophy in Our Time of Imperial Decay

Trailer: Soundtrack for a Revolution