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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Marshall: Religion, Dialogue, and Diversity


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This page provides an overview of religious studies, history, and practice, and places that history in the context of diversity and equity at Marshall University. In the sections below, you'll find information on academic inquiry as well as campus and local organizations and churches. Welcome!! 

Postmodern Religion and Deconstruction

Section Overview

DerridaHere you'll find information on two areas of religious thought that fit usefully into this guide to diversity at MU:  "postmodern" religious thought and the work of philosopher Jacques Derrida. While both areas are vast and intricate, the theologian/philosopher Richard Kearney provides an introduction in his book Anatheism. Discussing his term "anatheism," Kearney writes:

[Anatheism is found in] various moments of creative 'not knowing' that mark a breath with ingrained habits of thought and open up novel possibilities of meaning. For without the suspension of received assumptions we cannot be open to the birth of the new. Without the abandonment of accredited certainties we remain inattentive to the advent of the strange;  [...] Philosophically speaking, the anatheist wager is marked by a moment of radicalized 'innocense' that opens the door to ulterior dimensions of truth. Without disorientation no reorientation. (7,8)

Kearney highlights the sense of "unknowing" that is found in much postmodern religious thought. Much like the words of poet T.S. Eliot-- "I know I shall not know [...] consequently I rejoice"--these thinkers are seeking to get beyond certainties and their (arguable) limits. Below you'll find some of our books. Check them out, and also the authors mentioned. This is just the tip of the iceberg ... 

Books and Journals: Religion and GBTQIA+ Studies

Section Overview

clip art rainbow person with bookThe intersection between religious and GLBTQIA+ studies is a constantly developing field. The books and journals listed below provide a brief introduction to the field. Throughout, you'll find investigations into how projects such as "queer theology" relate to the larger constructions of religion, belief and spirituality. Also here are some of the foundational thinkers in the field (John McNeill prime among them).  As with many other pages in this guide, this selection is designed to get you started. Check out some of these authors, and their co-writers, and you'll find many more sources ...

Libguide: Religious Studies