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Income Tax Forms - 2024 (for Tax Year 2023): Kentucky

Links to federal and state tax forms and government offices.

2016 Personal Tax Forms

Kentucky Individual Income Tax website

Do I need to file a Kentucky return?
2019 Individual Income Tax Table for Forms 740, 740-EZ and 740-NP

  • 740 Packet    Individual Income Tax Forms Packet [PDF]
    • Form 740-EZ    Individual Income Tax Return - Fill-in PDF form  
  • 740-NP     Individual Income Tax Forms Packet (Nonresident or Part Year Resident) [PDF]
    • Form 740-NP     Nonresident or Part Year Resident - Fill-in PDF form
    • Form 740-NP-R     Nonresident - Reciprocal State - Fill-in PDF form
  • Form 740-V     Electronic Filing Payment Voucher and instructions
  • Form 40A102  Application for Extension of Time to File...Tax Return

Note: Kentucky fill-in PDF forms use the features provided with Adobe Acrobat products. There is no computation, validation or verification of the information you enter on the forms. Instructions may require some information be handwritten on the form. Use the "Save As" button to save your fill-in form as a PDF document to your personal device. It cannot be saved on the website.

Filing Your Tax Return

Individual Income Taxpayer Assistance

To locate the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA) nearest you call 800-906-9887.
Kentucky Department of Revenue has again partnered with the IRS to provide free tax preparation for taxpayers who have a low to moderate income (generally, $54,000 and below) who can not prepare their own tax returns for tax year 2016. See this page for more information.

General assistance is available by telephone on individual income tax filing: 502-564-4581; Text Telephone TTY: 502-564-3058; or by email at their 'Contact Us' webpage.

Taxpayer Service Centers across the Commonwealth are a link between taxpayers and the Department of Revenue employees located in Frankfort..

Where do I mail my forms?

  • For Refunds:   Kentucky Department of Revenue, PO Box 856970, Louisville, KY 40285-6970
  • For Balance Due:   Kentucky Department of Revenue, PO Box 856980, Louisville, KY 40285-6980
  • For Certified Mail/Overnight Returns   Kentucky Department of Revenue, 6716 Grade Lane, Suite 910, Louisville, KY 40213-3439

Refunds   Note: Refunds will not be issued before February 15. To check the status of your current year refund go online at, or phone 502-564-1600.

  • Make sure to have your return in hand as you will be asked for data from the return before you will be told the status of your refund.
  • Customer Service representatives are unable to answer questions regarding current year refunds until after February 15 and the normal processing times (2-4 weeks after you e-filed your return, or 8-12 weeks after you mailed your paper return.)

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