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DBA - Doctor of Business Administration

Fall 2021


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Video Tutorials

  • Contact Sarah if you have any questions about something you see on this page. 
  • Please Note: In the videos below, you may see a slightly outdated version of a webpage. If you have any questions about any discrepancies, simply contact Sarah or Ask a Librarian


Intro to Summon

*Clarification at 01:36: Summon will search an item's title, abstract, and keyword information when matching results to your search terms. By selecting Include Matches in Full Text from the Refine Your Search options, it will expand that search to the content of the article/eBook/etc.


Summon's Citation Tool

*Edit at 01:30: if the Ask a Librarian chat is offline, you can submit your question via email. 


Finding & Using Business Databases

*Clarification at 02:45: A clearer explanation of the And/Or/Not limiter options from any Advanced Search:

  • Basic search: social media
  • AND combines terms to limit your search.
    • Example: social media AND teenagers
  • OR combines similar terms to expand your search.
    • Example: social media AND teenagers OR youth
  • NOT excludes terms to exclude things from your search
    • Example: social media AND teenagers OR youth NOT Twitter


How to Get Research Help

*Edit at 0:30: The Ask a Librarian button, along with the rest of that horizontal menu, now appears above the homepage image, rather than below it, in the black bar as evidenced in the below screenshot: