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Searching the Evidence: Evidence-Based Nursing Conference: McGraw-Hill AccessPharmacy

3rd Annual Evidence-Based Nursing Conference, May 1, 2015

About Access Pharmacy

Currently MU Librariies is offering a trial to McGraw-Hill AccessPharmacy however it is expected that  we will have a subscription with full access by July 2015 that will last for a 12 month period. During the trialo period, access is available from the main library page. Here are some details about content:

  • Readings include textbooks and Topics in Evidence-Based Pharmacy Practice, which is continuously updated
  • Multimedia includes videos, lectures, and interactive content
  • Extensive drug information
  • Patient education
  • Cases and care plans
  • Citation tools are available

About search terms

  • For evidence based research, select Topics in Evidence-Based Pharmacy Practice under the "Readings"  tab and then further refine by selecting a topic category.
  • Entering a search term will in the search box will bring results from a sources.  For example, searching for Naloxone will bring content from cases, images, and textbook content