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English 201 - Fincham : Mini Exploratory Essay

Assignment description

Purpose: To chronicle your thinking in the beginning of the research process; to detail what you already know/believe about the topic; and to outline your research plan. First person, chronologically organized, realistic account of your research process.


- Inquiry Question

- Primary Purpose:

1) Explore: What are the questions that most interest you and might help you discover the answers to your research question?

- What, if any, prior beliefs assumptions, preconceptions, ideas, or prejudices do you bring to this project? What personal experiences may have shaped the way you feel? Before you began developing working knowledge on the topic, what were you thinking about it? What are you thinking about it now?


- Typed, on paper, following MLA manuscript formatting guidelines

- No length restriction

- Cite at least 2 sources, and include a Works Cited page

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