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English 201 - Fincham : Research logs

Assignment description

Research logs 

Purpose: To keep track of your research for later reference; to create a bibliography that can be reviewed by the instructor; and to allow you to find connections f your research to strengthen your thinking.


- Research Log forms, as given, with information entered correctly, up to date with your most recent research.

- To be filled out correctly: the first section is for citation information, and the second section is for gathering information from the source.


- At least 2 sources will be logged

- Handwriting must be legible

- Must use the provided forms (entries may be spread across multiple forms)

Citation specification

When referencing the text of the case (not interpretation or explanation), follow the legal form of case citation [Title of case, case number (name of court and year decided), with the addition of where they found it.

Example: Right to Read Com. v. School Com. Etc. on

Cited as:Right to Read Defense Com. v. SCHOOL COM., ETC., 454 F. Supp. 703 (D. Mass. 1978).

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