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This online guide is developed specifically for those doing research in Education. It provides a recommended list of resources, which encompasses print materials, electronic databases, and selected Internet resources.

For more extensive research help, contact Kelli Johnson, Instruction and Reference Services Librarian, at 696-6567.

Please take a look at the Information Literacy Competency Standards for Teacher Education from the Association of College and Research Libraries at

Avoiding Plagiarism

Why you should immediately go get a public library card

1. Public library cards are FREE!

2. Borrowing books, DVDs, CDs, and other materials are FREE at the public library!

3. You can borrow children's books that you don't have access to in your classroom or school library.

4.  You can use the library databases.

5. Libraries host lots of different programs that are usually free.  You can learn a foreign language or join a book group.  Do crafts or get gardening tips.

Take a look at the Cabell County Public Library webpage.

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