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Literature Reviews: Home

Types of Literature Reviews

Different projects involve different kinds of literature reviews with different kinds and amounts of work.

  • Honors paper
  • Capstone project
  • Research Study
  • Senior thesis
  • Masters thesis
  • Doctoral dissertation
  • Research article
  • Grant proposal
  • Evidence-based practice

Google Scholar

Using Google Scholar will lead you to academic sources.

Google Scholar Search

Purpose of a Literature Review

A literature review may be written as the introduction to a larger study which provide background on the research that the study seeks to obtain or compares the information.  It may be a research article on its own that addresses the available information on a topic.

Reference Sources

When you start to plan research it is always a good idea to begin with reference sources.  This will give you a broad overview of a topic and may help you to either narrow broad topics or broaden narrow topics.  In the past, we've encouraged students to use encyclopedias.  Today many encyclopedias and other reference sources are availabe in online format.

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