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Distance Student Library Guide: Virtual Study Rooms

Learning online doesn't mean you have to study alone! 

Use one of the resources listed below to meet with other students in a virtual study room.

Stock photo image of study group

New to online study groups? 

Check out this resource that may help everyone be more productive: Tips for Participating in Group Work & Projects Online (from Drexel University).

A Guide to Video Conferencing Options: Pros, Cons, and Privacy Issues (from The Guardian) (April 9th 2020)


Tips and Tools for Online Study Groups (from Bethel University)

This source provides a list of ways to make your group successful, and lists even more methods for meeting your group online. 


Microsoft Teams: Ace Your Group Project

Review this Microsoft Support page to learn more about successfully collaborating, meeting, and using various Office 365 tools. Many MU students are familiar with Teams and prefer to use it for group projects since they're already using it for some classes. Reminder that all Marshall University students have free access to Teams via Office 365. Contact the IT Service Desk with questions and for download support. 


Google Hangouts: Meet

This option is best for groups where all members have their own Google account (access to Gmail and calendar are required). Review these Google Meet resources if this sounds like the best option for you: Google Hangouts: Meet - An Introduction;  Google Meet - Quick Guide; and, Google Meet - Create a Meeting.


Special Thanks!

The above Virtual Study Room information was adapted and used with permission from SCOTTSDALE COMMUNITY COLLEGE.