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APA 7th Edition: Home

Using APA 7th edition citation style


Why a new edition?

The American Psychological Association's seventh edition of the Publication Manual published in 2019, is designed to rethink documentation for an era of digital publication. Rather than a list of required citation formulas, it recommends a universal set of guidelines that can be applied to any source (print, electronic, or physical). This gives writers in all fields—from the sciences to the humanities—the tools to effectively document sources based on what a particular audience needs to know about the sources.

APA 7th edition

The Handbook will cost you $54 or less, so go ahead and buy your own copy! Beside the information on citations, there is a section on APA style (e.g. quotations, abbreviations) that will help you write better papers.

Major Changes in the 7th edition

Omitted, deleted, done away with:

  • place of publication, for most items
  • date a webpage was accessed, for most items
  • the abbreviation n.p. (no place)
  • common terms in the works-cited list like editor, edited by, translator, and review of are no longer abbreviated.
  • et al. is used after the first author when there are three or more authors for the source (previously, this was an option when there were four or more authors)

Added or expanded:

  • number of authors included in reference entry has been expanded up to 20 before using ellipsis.
  • DOIs or URLs are presented as hyperlinks (also do not use the label DOI before the link).
  • New formatting guidance for annotated bibliographies
  • journal articles always include issue number
  • expanded coverage of audiovisual and social media sources

For a full list of changes see Guide to What’s New in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Seventh Edition

APA Publication Manual - Table of Contents

1. Scholarly Writing and Publishing Principles
2. Paper Elements and Format:
3. Journal Article Reporting Standards
4. Writing Style and Grammar
5. Bias-Free Language Guidelines
6. Mechanics of Style
7. Tables and Figures
8. Works Credited in the Text
9. Reference List
10. Reference Examples
11. Legal References
12. Publication Process

An expanded TOC can be found at the APA Style Center

content note

Many of the examples, and some of the text, in this LibGuide are copied from the APA Publication Manual, 7th ed. for the sake of accuracy.