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APA 7th Edition: References examples

Using APA 7th edition citation style

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One author

Jacobs, A. (2011). The pleasures of reading in an age of distraction. Oxford University Press.

Nunberg, G. (Ed.). (1996) The future of the book. University of California Press.

Chaucer, G. (ca. 1400-10). The canterbury tales. British Library, London, Harley MS 7334.

Gao X. (2001) Soul mountain (1st Perennial ed.). Perennial.

Two authors

Dorris, M., & Erdrich, L. (1999) The crown of Columbus. HarperCollins Publishers.

Holland, M., & Hart-Davis R. (Eds.). (2000). The complete letters of Oscar Wilde. Henry Holt.

Titon, J. T., & Carlin, B. (Eds.). (2002). American musical traditions. (Vol. 2). Schirmer Reference.

Three or more authors

Burdick, A., Drucker, J., Lunfeld, P., Presner, T., & Schnapp, J. (2012) Digital humanities. MIT Press.

Baron, S. A., Lindquist, E. N. & Shevlin, E. F. (Eds.). (2007). Agent of change: Print culture studies after Elizabeth L. Einstein. University of Massachusetts Press; Center for the Book, Library of Congress.

Corporate author / Corporate author same as publisher

United Nations. (1991). Consequences of rapid population growth in developing countries. Taylor and Francis.

Reading at Risk: A Survey of Literary Reading in America. National Endowment for the Arts, June 2004.

No author

The generous rivals: or, love triumphant. (1973). Garland Publishing.

The way of a pilgrim, and the pilgrim continues his way (R. M. French, Trans.). (1954). Harper,.


Franklin, B. (1992). Emigration to America. In C Ricks & W. L. Vance (EDs.), The faber book of America (pp. 24-26),. Faber and Faber..

Newcomb, H. (Ed.). (2007). Television: The critical view (7th ed.). Oxford UP. (Original work published 1976)


Dostoevsky, F. (1993). Crime and punishment (R Pevear & L. Volokhonsky, Trans.). Vintage eBooks. (Original work published 1884)

Beowulf, a pagan hero: A modern poetic translation (J. B. Sobchack, Trans.). (2014). Algora Publishing.


Fiske, S. T., Gilbert, D. T., & Lindzey, G. (2010). Handbook of social psychology (5th ed., Vol. 1). John Wiley & Sons.

Travis, C. B., & White, J. W. (Eds.). (2018). APA handbook of the psychology of women: Vol. 1. History, theory, and battlegrounds. American Psychological Association.

Part of a collection

Dewar, J. A., & Ang, P. H. (2007). The cultural consequences of printing and the internet. In S. A. Baron, E. N. Lindquist, & E. F. Shevlin (Eds.), Agent of change: Print culture studies after Elizabeth L. Eisenstein (pp.365-377). University of Massachusetts Press; Center for the Book, Library of Congress.

Euripides. (1998). The Trojan Women (P. Roche, Trans.). Ten Plays (pp457-512), New American Library. (Original work published 415 B.C.E.)

Previously published in a different form

Johnson, B. My monster / my self. In M. Feuerstein, B. J. Gonzalez, L. Porten & K. L. Valens (Eds.), The Barbara Johnson Reader: The Surprise of Otherness (pp.179-190). Duke University Press. (Reprinted from "My monster / my self," 1982, Diacritics, 12 [2], 2-10.


Cheyfitz, E. (1997). The Poetics of Imperialism: Translation and Colonization from The Tempest to Tarzan (Expanded ed). University of Pennsylvania Press.

The Bible (Authorized King James Version). (1998) Oxford University Press. (Original work published 1611)

Wollstonecraft, Mary. (2009). A Vindication of the Rights of Woman (D. S. Lynch (Eds.), Norton Critical Edition, 3rd ed.). W.W. Norton. (Original work published 1792)

Forwards, Introductions, etc.

Felstiner, J. (2001). Preface. In Selected poems and prose of Paul Celan (pp. xix-xxxvi). W.W. Norton.

Wallach, R. (2000) Cormac McCarthy's canon as accidental artifact: Introduction. In R. Wallach (Ed.) Myth, legend, dust: Critical responses to Cormac McCarthy (pp. xiv-xvi). Manchester University Press.

Book in another language

Shklovskii, Viktor. (1985).  O teorii prozy [On the theory of prose] (2nd reprint). Ardis Publishers. (Original work published 1929)

Book published before 1900

Rome, Richard. (1873). The dramatic works of Richard Brome. J. Pearson.

Dewey, John. (1899). The school and society: Being three lectures. University of Chicago Press.

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von. (1875). Conversations of Goethe with Eckermann and Soret (J. Oxenford, Trans.: New ed.). George Bell & Sons.




One author

Baron, N. S. (2013, Jan) Redefining reading: The impact of digital communication media.” PMLA, 128(1),  193-200.

Deresiewicz, W. (2015)  The death of the artist--and the birth of the creative entrepreneur. The Atlantic, 315(1), 92-97.

Benton, Thomas H. (2008). The professor as pitchman" Chronicle of Higher Education, 54(38), C1.

Williams, J. (2014, Nov. 9) Rogue Territory. The New York Times Book Review, 1+.

Two authors

Martin, S. K., & Mirmohamadi, K. (2014) Harry Potter's secret: The rise of publishing sensations from Mary Braddon to J. K. Rowling. English Studies: A Journal of English Language and Literature, 95(2), 131-148. doi:10.1080/0013838X.2014.882126.

García-Guerrero, J., & Martínez Tamez, G. (2007). Presencia de la medicina en las novelas del mago Harry Potter." Medicina Universitaria, 9(34), 42-46.

Three or more authors

Collier, N. R., Lumadue, C. A., & Wooten, R. (2009). "Buffy The vampire slayer and Xena: Warrior princess: Reception of the texts by a sample of lesbian fans and web site users." Journal of Homosexuality, 56(5), 575-609. doi:10.1080/00918360903005253

Hsu, C. -T., Jacobs, A. M., Altman, U. & Conrad, M. (2015). The magical activation of left amygdala when reading Harry Potter: An fMRI Study on how descriptions of supra-natural events entertain and enchant." PLoS ONE, 10(2), 1-15.

No author

The film set as creative source: How the set of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix has directly inspired the consumer products programme. (2006, Oct.). License! Europe, 36+.

10 questions. (2010, Nov. 29) Time, 176(22), 8.

Access through online database

Morey, M. C. (2019). Physical activity and exercise in older adults.  UpToDate.  Retrieved July 22, 2019, from

Hollander, M. M. (2017). Resistance to authority: Methodological innovations and new lessons from the Milgram experiment (Publication No. 10289373) [Doctoral dissertation, University of Wisconsin-Madison]. ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Global.

Web site / online journal

Mackin, J. (2011, June 2). Review of The Pleasures of Reading in an Age of Distraction, by Alan Jacobs. New York Journal of Books.

Wadley, C. (2005, March 21). Children's lit: Since 1938, women's reading group has focused on books written for kids. Deseret Morning News [Salt Lake City].

Deresiewicz, W. (2015). The death of the artist--and the birth of the creative entrepreneur." The Atlantic, 315(1) 92-97.

Hoyt, E., Ponto, K., & Roy, C. (2014). Visualizing and analyzing the Hollywood screenplay with ScripThreads." Digital Humanities Quarterly, 8(4),

Other Sources



Web Sites

Hamlin, H. & Galbraith, S. (Curators). (2016, March 31). Manifold Greatness: The Creation and Afterlife of the King James Bible. Folger Shakespeare Library; Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford; Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas, Austin.

Eaves, M , Essick, R, & Viscomi, J. (Eds.). (1996-2020). The William Blake Archive.

National Endowment for the Arts.

Beete, P. (2016, July 12). Art talk with portraitist Jonathan Yeo. Art Works Blog.

Hollmichel, S. (2013, April 25). The Reading Brain: Differences between Digital and Print. So Many Books.

Jeane. (2013, April 25).  So interesting. I knew there was something about the physicality of a real book that I missed when reading on [Comment on the blogpost "The Reading Brain: Differences between Digital and Print"]. So Many Books.

Television Series

Whedon, J. (Executive Producer). (1997-2003).  Buffy the Vampire Slayer [TV series]. Mutant Enemy.

Whedon, J. (Writer & Director). (1999, December 14). Hush (Season 4, Episode 10) [TV series episode]. In J. Whedon (Executive Producer) Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Mutant Enemy; WB Network.

Motion Picture

Scott, R. (Director). (1992)  Blade Runner [Film;. Director's cut]. The Ladd Company; Shaw Brothers; Warner Brothers. (Original work released in 1982)

Kuzui, F. R, (Director). (1992) Buffy the Vampire Slayer [Film]. Sandolllar; Kuzui Enterprises; Twentieth Century Fox,.

Tarantino, Q. (Director). (2003). Kill Bill. Vol. 1 [Film]. A Band Apart,; Miramax Films.


Beyoncé. (2013). Pretty Hurts [Song]. On Beyoncé. Parkwood Entertainment; Columbia.

Schubert, F. (2011). Piano Trio in E Flat Major D 929 [Album recorded by Wiener Mozart-Trio], Preiser Records. (Original work published 1828)


[Untitled object]    Mackintosh, C. R. (1897-1900). [Chair of stained oak]. Victoria and Albert Museum, London..

[Tweet]   Persiankiwi [@persiankiwi]. (2009, June 23). We have report of large street battles in east & west of Tehran now - #Iranelection [Tweet]. Twitter,

[Video on a Web site]    Stowe, B. (2012, January 28). Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Unaired Pilot 1996 [Video]. YouTube.

[Physical object experienced in person]    Bearden, R. (1975). The Train [Print]. Museum of Modern Art, New York.

[Live presentation]    Atwood, M. (1993, December 29). Silencing the Scream: Boundaries of the Imagination Forum [Conference Session].. MLA Annual Convention, Royal York Hotel, Toronto, Canada.