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History: Research Basics: Citing Your Sources

About the Chicago Manual of Style

History professors will ask you to use the Chicago/Turabian citation style. It is very different from MLA and APA styles. Below you will find links to citation style guides to walk you though how to cite a variety or material types.


Print resources located in the Drinko Library that you can check out:

Why do we cite sources??

It is important to cite your sources for many reasons:

  • To give credit to other researchers and acknowledge their ideas 
  • Help readers identify and locate the sources you used
  • To demonstrate to the reader and your professor that you conducted research on a topic
  • To avoid plagiarism!!

Links to Citation Generators

Citation generators create the citation for you.

CAUTION - generators are not magic, they require YOU to enter the title, author, publication info, etc into the form. Make sure to spell everything correctly and check the generated citation against a style guide to insure your citation is correctly formated.

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