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Appalachian Studies: Art in Appalachia

"Each life is dirt and time and rhyme and stone." --Jesse Stuart, Man with A Bull-Tongue Plow (1934), Sonnet #678

Appalachian Arts Center

Appalachian Arts Center
Southwest Virginia
Community College
Richlands, Virginia 24641

To educate and serve the
community through the promotion and preservation of traditional folkways,
contemporary craft and fine art. To support economic development by assisting
the area to grow through cultural tourism opportunities.

Roger May's Testify

Testify: A Visual Love Letter to Appalachia by Roger May

Testify is a visual love letter to Appalachia, a rediscovery of home and place presented in a limited edition photobook.

Featured Artist


In an attempt to explore the diversity of Appalachia and establish a visual counter point, this project will look at Appalachia fifty years after the declaration of the War on Poverty. Drawing from a diverse population of photographers within the region, this new crowdsourced image archive will serve as a reference that is defined by its people as opposed to political legislation. (

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