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Appalachian Studies: Home

"Each life is dirt and time and rhyme and stone." --Jesse Stuart, Man with A Bull-Tongue Plow (1934), Sonnet #678

Appalachian Studies Conference

Appalachian Studies Association Mission Statement

The mission of the Appalachian Studies  Association is to promote and engage dialogue, research, scholarship, education, creative expression, and action among scholars, educators, practitioners, grassroots activists, students, individuals,groups and institutions.  Our mission is driven by our commitment to foster quality of life, democratic participation and appreciation of Appalachian experiences regionally, nationally and internationally.

Why Appalachian Studies?

"Appalachia is a region and a place. Real and mythical, beautiful and devastated, geological and political, rich in resources and a poverty pocket, a place to exploit, a watershed for the eastern seaboard and destroyed and polluted headwaters. Weekend cabins and homes in the holler. Yesterday’s and tomorrow’s people. Hillbillies and folks. Bluegrass and hip hop. Poets and politicians. Professors and protesters, preachers and prophets. A model and a warning signal for the nation."

-- Dr. Helen Lewis, former Director, of Berea College Appalachian Center

American Experience - The Mine Wars - PBS

Welcome to Appalachian Studies

This online guide is developed specifically for those doing research on the history and culture of the Appalachian region. It provides a recommended list of print materials, electronic databases, and selected Internet resources.  Appalachian Studies is very multi-disciplinary so be sure to check other research guides.



Photo by Eryn Roles, New River Gorge, WV

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