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Music Research Guide

This online guide is designed to help patrons who are investigating music related topics and provides an overview of resources available to help them in their research.


Reference Books for Music Education

Helpful Databases for Research

Important Databases to Utilize

  Stuck on Where to Look?

Use one of these databases to help you find the sources you need. 

Each of the Databases below can lead you to new sources or existing research on your topic of choice. Remember in your searches to start broadly on the topic, and then work your way into more detailed searches as you come across more relevant sources. 

Subject Headings & Call Numbers

Call Numbers, Subject Headings, & the Library of Congress


If you are looking for books on Music Education at any of our Marshall Libraries, here is a brief overview of the call number sections that may be helpful in your search. The Drinko, Morrow, and Charleston Library Stacks are organized through the Library of Congress cataloguing system which assigns Music subject books under the designation "M." For Music Education a good place to start is under the "MT" designation.

  • MT1: Music--Instruction and study    
  • MT2-MT5: Music--Instruction and study--History of music education                  
  • MT20-MT32: Music--Instruction and study--Special Methods
    • such as:
    • MT22.A2-Z: Jacques Dalcroze
    • MT23: Kodaly
    • MT26: Orff   
  • MT70-MT74: Instrumentation and orchestration                                
    • MT70-MT71: Orchestra
    • MT70.5: Vocal and choral arranging
    • MT73: Band
  • MT85: Conducting
  • MT86: Jazz band, dance band, etc., instruction, including conducting, organization, and management
  • MT87: Community music
  • MT88: Administration and instruction of vocal groups
  • MT150: Audio-visual instructional guides 
  • MT155: Music theory for children   
  • MT170-MT810: Instrumental Techniques    
    • MT730: Orchestra    
    • MT733: Band 
    • MT740-MT810: Instrumental techniques for Children
  • MT820-MT949 - Singing and Voice Culture


Subject Headings are great ways to search for a particular type of topic that you are looking for in your research. Subject Headings are standardized under the Library of Congress classification, so locating a particular subject heading can be searched in not only our Marshall Libraries but in libraries across the U.S. Use one of the following Subject Headings to help you narrow down your search.

Subject Headings: