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Virtual Stress Relief Kit

Pause for MU PAWS Videos!


Special Thanks to the MU PAWS team for letting us share their videos! We are going to try to add content to this page regularly, so keep checking back!

For more information about the Marshall University: Providing Awareness, Wellness, and Support (MU PAWS), watch the below MU PAWS INTRO video: 


Isabella Plays in the Snow

Isabella Does Tricks!

Isabella and Cassidy Play Ball! (FIG 2020)

Isabella Does It Again!

Robin and Isabella Play Ball!

Robin and Isabella Do Tricks!

Robin & Isabella Jump Hooops!

Juner's Study Tips

Mistie and Lily say Hi!

Isabella, Mindy, and Cassidy (FIG 2020)

Isabella says Make Time for Fun! (FIG 2020)

Bonnie and Juner in the Sun!

Buster and Surprise Guest Daisy!

Dr. C. and Zorro "exercise"