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Stress-Free Library: Grad School Edition: Home

Stock photo of "Stress Relief" button with phrase "Don't forget to take care of yourself"

Welcome to the Graduate Student Stress Relief Guide!

As graduate students, you are most likely juggling a job, possibly some kids, several classes, and any number of other career commitments, family obligations, or life conflicts. 
But you are not expected to handle it all on your own. 
If you have not completed the Online Graduate College Orientation, which shows you the relevant information for working towards and earning your degree, please ask your advisor about how to access it. Knowing the answers to questions about the full experience of attending Marshall University's Graduate College will make that process easier, and will allow you to focus, guilt-free, on necessary stress relief and self-care activities. Which is where this guide comes in. Because we should never forget to take care of ourselves; it's the first step in successfully taking care of others.

     right arrow If you are feeling very overwhelmed or experience anxiety, consider contacting the MU Counseling Center as they Continue to Serve Students

CDC - Manage Anxiety and Stress

Food, Medical, & Financial Help during COVID-19

Additional Help

Check your state government and your local news sources for information on giving or receiving assistance during times like this.