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Chemistry: Multimedia and Internet Sources

  Evaluating Online Sources

Internet resources can provide valuable information, however, remember that anyone can publish a web site and anyone can manufacture information. For these reasons it is important that you carefully evaluate web content. If you plan to use internet sources for your research you must provide a proper citation.

Use these criteria to evaluate web sites:







Recommended Chemistry Sites

Ambrose Digital

The Library now offers hundreds of videos that can be viewed anytime, anywhere. These videos can be streamed through Blackboard. There are more than 600 and these videos cover major academic categories including Chemistry. Videos often come with instructor notes, suggested quizzes, and class handouts.


Access to Ambrose Digital is available from the MU Libraries list of article databases.

Open Source and Multimedia

Some institutions and organizations are now providing videos, online classes, online textbooks, and tutorials through the Internet. These resources don't take the place of your professors and courses at Marshall, however these resources may help increase your understanding of certain subjects and may also encourage you to consider related topics of interest.

Challenge yourself to explore one of these resources. What do you think?