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Research Help for Covenant High School Students: Physical Resources


Library of Congress Classification

Library of Congress Classification - Call Numbers for Your Research Areas

LOC Subject Headings that may assist you with your topic


These Call Numbers can be found on the 2nd floor of Drinko Library

B: Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

B: Philosophy (General)

BJ: Ethics
BL- BY: Religion, Theology

BL: Religions, Mythology, Rationalism, Hinduism

BL: 660-2680 History and principles of religion

BL: 689-980 European, Occidental

BR: Christianity

BS: Bible and exegesis

BT: Doctrinal theology

BV: Practical theology

BX: Christian Denominations


D : History (General) and History of Europe

D: General History

D111-203 Medieval history
D204-893 Modern History

DT: Africa

DT43-154 Egypt

E-F : History, America


E: American and the United States History (general)

E11-143 America
E151 - 889 United States


F: United States (local) and America Outside of U.S. History

F1-975 United States Local History
F1001-1145.2 British and Dutch America (including Canada)
F1170 French America
F1201-3799 Latin America, Spanish America


G : Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

G: General Geography, Atlases & Maps

GA: Mathematical geography, Cartography
GB: Physical Geography
GC: Oceanography
GE: Environmental Sciences
GF: Human Ecology, Anthropogeography


 H : Social Sciences

HB: Economic theory, Demography

HB1-846.8 Economic theory
HB848.8 3697 Demography, Population, Vital events
HB 3711-3840 Business cycles, Economic fluctuation

HJ: Public Finance

HJ2240-5908 Revenue, Taxation, Internal revenue
HJ8001-8899 Public debts
HJ9701-9940 Public accounting, Auditing

HM: Sociology (General)

HM435-477 History of sociology
HM481-554 Theory and method
HM621-656 Culture
HM661-706 Social control, systems, and structure
HM711-806 Groups and organizations
HM811-821 Deviant behavior, Social deviance
HM826 Social Institutions
HM831-901 Social Change
HM1001-1281 Social psychology

HN: Social history and conditions, Social problems, Social reform

HT: Communities, Classes, Races

HT101-395 Urban sociology
HT401-485 Rural sociology
HT601-1445 Classes
HT1501-1595 Races

HV: Social Pathology, Social and public welfare, Criminology


J : Political Science

J: General Legislative and Executive papers

JA: Political Science (general)

JC: Political theory

JF-JJ: Political insitutions and public administration - General

JF20-1177 Comparative government
JF1338-2112 Public administration
JJ1000-1019 North America

JK:Polical institutions and public adminsitration - United States

JL: Political institutions and public adminstration - America outside U.S.

JN: Political Institutions and public administration - Europe

JQ: Political institutions and public administration - Asia, Africa, Australia, Oceania

JS: Local government. Municipal government.

JV: Colonies and colonization. Emigration and immigration. International migration

JV1-5399 Colonies and colonization
JV6001-9480 Emigration and immigration, International migration

JX: International Law (See also KZ for International Law)

JZ: International relations

JZ4835-5490 International organizations and associations
JZ5511.5-6299 Promotion of peace, Peaceful change

Library of Congress Classification - Call Numbers for Your Research Areas


These Call Numbers can be found on the 3rd floor of Drinko Library

K : Law

K: General law. Comparative and uniform law. Jurisprudence

K520-5582 Comparative law, International uniform law
K201-487 Jurisprudence, Philosophy and theory of law
K7000-7720 Private international law, Conflict of laws

KBM: Jewish law

KBP: Isamic law

KBR: History of canon law

KBU: Law of the Roman Catholic Church

KD-KDK: United Kingdom and Ireland

KDZ: America. North America

KE: Canada

KF: United States

KG: Latin America, Mexico and Central America, West Indies, Caribbean area

KG1-999 Latin America, general
KG3001-3999 Mexico and Central America
KGJ-KJZ West Indies and Caribbean area

KH: South America

KJ-KKZ: Europe

KL-KWX: Asia and Eurasia, Africa, Pacific area and Antarctica

KZ: Law of nations


R : Medicine

RA: Public aspects of medicine

RA1-418.5 Medicine and the State
RA421-790.95 Public health, hygiene, Preventative medicine
RA1190-1270 Toxicology, Poisons

RB: Pathology

RC: Internal Medicine

RD: Surgery

RE: Ophthalmology

RF: Otorhinolaryngology (Ear, Nose, Throat)

RG: Gynecology and obstetrics

RJ: Pediatrics

RK: Dentistry

RL: Dermatology

RM: Therapeutics. Pharmacology

RS: Pharmacy and materia medica

RT: Nursing

RV: Botanic, Thomsonian, and Eclectic Medicine

RX: Homeopathy

RZ: Other systems of medicine