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Open Educational Resources: Communication Studies


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One of the biggest challenges in using an OER textbook can be locating textbooks that have immediately practical contents such as worksheets, discussion/reading questions, even already-prepared slides and teacher guides. This page is designed to help with that! 

In the sections below, you'll see links to books that contain the practical items often needed to teach an effective class. All the books linked-to below (which generally come from either Milne Open Textbooks or the Open Textbook Library) have some sort of discussion questions or worksheets, etc.

Note: For organizational purposes, the books listed here have been categorized (interpersonal communication, business communication, etc.). Those categories, however, do not encompass all of a book's contents. Please feel free to look around--the books below undoubtedly contain more information than is listed. Using them can get you started on filling in your classes' content and structure. Good Luck!!

TedTalk: "How Language Shapes the Way We Think"