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CMM 103 - Fundamentals of Speech Communication: Evaluate Your Sources

This is a short research survival guide for your CMM 103 class. There is a large variety of useful and unique sources that will help you research for this class.




How and individual reasons from evidence to claims to arguments is often influenced by both rational and emotional factors, elements of one’s identity, and values and belief systems.  Only by keeping your personal biases in check can one truly begin to vet information for credibility.

Personal steps

  • Identify emotions attached to topic.
  • Find unbiased reference sources for proper review of topic.

  • Intellectual courage to seek authoritative voices on topic that may be outside of thesis. 

Source steps

  • Authority established. Does the author have education and experience in that field?
  • Purpose/Point of view of source. Does the author have an agenda beyond education or information?
  • Publisher? Does the publisher have an agenda?
  • List of sources (bibliography). Is the evidence sound?
  • Year of publication.  Does the year of publication effect the information?