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German: Videos

Clicking the tabs at the top of the page will allow you to access German language materials in a variety of formats.

German Language Television Online

Beeline TV

German TV

1.5 3Sat, Germany: Public television network with music and culture.
491 Center TV Bremen, Germany: Local TV from Bremen and Bremerhaven.
528 Center TV Duesseldorf, Germany: Local TV from Duesseldorf.
300 DAF TV, Germany: Financial and business news from Germany.
410 Deluxe Music TV, Germany: Top 40 channel from Germany.
500 FashionGuide TV, Germany: Fashion TV from Berlin.
300 Kabbalah TV, Israe:l Religious channel from Israel in the German language.
291 Kanal Telemedial, Austria: Spiritual TV channel.
548 KW-TV, Germany: From the region of Wildau - Koenigs Wusterhausen.
300 Muenchen 2, Germany
300 Muenchen TV, Germany: Local TV channel.
576 NDR Hamburg, Germany: Public TV broadcast.
880 NRW TV, Germany
400 Oeins, Germany: Local TV from Oldenburg.
1.1 PETN TV Movie, Germany: Music (from Bach to Heavy Metal) and Sports
1.5 Phoenix, Germany: Documentaries and news from Bonn.
1.1 Streetclip TV, Germany: Music and culture programming.
300 TRP 1, Germany
448 TV Halle, Germany: Local TV from the city of Halle.
273 Worm TV, Germany: Electronic underground from Germany.