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Authoritative Information Resources about Ukraine and the Russian War of Aggression

A REAL letter from an American to a Russian (ca. 6 March 2022)   (identity of the author has been withheld)

"... This war is certainly being discussed pro and con here in the US much more than any war of the past.

Thank goodness! At first there was all justifications, now the voices of reason are coming out.

I think over the next month much will be revealed that usually isn’t covered.

I’m very impressed that Putin made effort to spare as many citizens damage as possible <bold added._Editor>, I think this is the first time any nation has done this. Hopefully it will be over soon. I don’t know what else Putin could have done. It was one of those impossible situations that required a response. Bless all!!!

Can you share with me how people in your region are experiencing this current situation. Not names, but generally what is the mood? I so hope for an early resolution. And see more Americans waking up to the complexity of the situation now. At first everyone seemed against Russia, but with more information they are beginning to see what a bind it has put both sides in. I’m impressed that the war has had so few killed.

There had to be intent to not go after civilian population but to knock out military installations. This was so unusual. Earlier wars killed millions of people quickly. It was ghastly and totally excepted as normal.

This is a different sort of war altogether it seems to me. Hopefully this will encourage all nations to stop making wars! "