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Guide To Time Management: Special Time Management Tips for Students

Time Management for Students

Don’t Over Commit

  • College adds new freedoms and activities
  • Clubs, Greeks and other organization push membership at the beginning of the semester. 
  • Don’t join everything all at once. 
  • Wait and see what courses require before committing to organizations


Make To-Do Lists

  • Make a list of priorities
  • Consult syllabus regularly
  • Put all dates on a calendar
  • Be reasonable – Don’t take on too much, it just leads to frustration
  • Leave room for the unexpected
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to do assignments!!!!
  • Check the list periodically
  • Check off completed tasks (it is fun)


Use Pockets of Time to Your Advantage

  • Always keep assignment materials with you. 
  • If you have an hour, 30, or 40 minutes between classes, find a quiet place to work.


Prevent Stress

  • GO TO CLASS!!!!!
  • Set aside time to nap, play a game, spend time with friends
  • Look at weekly schedule and set aside “Me” time
  • Pamper Yourself!  (yes even guys)
  • Take a walk when you are feeling stressed (one lap around campus is a mile)
  • Mom Moment:  make your bed, clean your room!  A clean work space is calming
  • Don’t use the grab and go method for your wardrobe….organization is key
  • Morning sets the tone for the day, the more you have ready the night before, the smoother your day will go..
  • See more info under the Anxiety tab

Stick To It

  • Don’t make each day jammed full of tasks, appointments, work and class
  • Give yourself breathing room for the unexpected
  • Stick to the schedule you create for the week.  Don’t be tempted to go out with friends except during the blocks set aside for downtime.

Simple Time Trackers

  • A simple to-do list on a whiteboard
  • A white board calendar on the wall  (color code class/due-dates/exams/personal)
  • See the Planners tab for more information on planners