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ENG 200s: Recommended Databases


Start Here

Below is a list of library databases that are recommended for the assignments for this class. What is a Library Database?

In the list below, read the sentence for each database to decided if it contains information relevant to your topic. Then, simply click on the database title (green text) to access it. 

Background info

Whenever you are assigned a topic that you are unfamiliar with, it's a good preliminary step to take a few minutes to research the background information using Credo Reference. This database will give you a better foundation of knowledge for your topic, and will also provide a list of relevant ,scholarly sources. 

Access the Article Database by clicking on the green title

Film Studies/Theory (ex: ENG 232)

To find journals with scholarly research on films, try these options:

  1. Browzine is our journal search database. Click on that link, and then click on the subject heading Arts & Humanities. You will see a sub-heading called Film and Media Studies, and then you can choose from the relevant options. You could also enter search terms such as Film Studies or Film Theory into the search box. *The key thing to remember is that Browzine provides you with a list of journals, rather than a list of articles. Sometimes, you can directly access articles, and sometimes we don't have access. If you're even unsure about finding full-text articles, just Ask A Librarian
  2. Because film studies and film theory can often involve many different types of disciplines, you may want to use a resource on our Multidisciplinary Database list.


MU doesn't have it? Get it from another library!

Visit the Information Delivery Services page to request a book, article, DVD, or other materials from another university library in the event that Marshall Libraries can't provide access.