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PSC 105: Thinking Critically


Are you a Critical Thinker?

Green check markCritical Thinkers...

  • Are honest with themselves, acknowledging what they don’t know, recognizing their limitations, and being watchful of their own errors.
  • Base judgment on evidence rather than personal preferences, deferring judgement whenever evidence is insufficient.  They revise judgments when new evidence reveals error.

Red "x"Non-critical Thinkers...

  • Pretend they know more than they do, ignore their limitations, and assume their views are error-free.
  • Base judgments on first impressions and gut reactions.  They are unconcerned about the amount or quality of evidence and cling to their views steadfastly. 


In-Class Class Activity

  • If you only have your mobile phone, scan the QR Code on the projector screen to access this page.
  • Then, please take a moment to respond to each of the questions below. 

Note: Your response will be 100% anonymous, so simply provide a truthful answer.


Poll 1

Three cartoon faces: one happy, one indifferent, one sad.

When it comes to critical thinking, I am
Experienced: 12 votes (22.64%)
Inexperienced: 2 votes (3.77%)
Better with some topics than others: 37 votes (69.81%)
I'm not really sure TBH: 2 votes (3.77%)
Total Votes: 53

Poll 2

Cartoon images of a head with gears in the brain cavity, next to a pile of books, with a cycle of arrows connected the two.

Critical thinking is connected to research...
because I need to understand all sides of an issue.: 25 votes (51.02%)
because everyone has unconscious biases and we need to put them in check.: 12 votes (24.49%)
because the way I think about things influences the sources I seek out.: 12 votes (24.49%)
Total Votes: 49

Poll 3

Two men on either side of a number on the ground. One man says "Six," the other man says "Nine."

Who is correct?
The man saying 6: 0 votes (0%)
The man saying 9: 0 votes (0%)
Both: 30 votes (60%)
Neither: 0 votes (0%)
It depends: 20 votes (40%)
Total Votes: 50