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Journalism and Mass Communications: Books

For the students, faculty, and community members studying and researching in the field of journalism and mass communications.

Books in MU Libraries

Books in this subject area can be located at Drinko Library, Morrow Stacks or Graduate College Library, located on the South Charleston campus. 

Use the MU Libraries Online Catalog to find books by subject headings or keywords at all locations of the Marshall University Libraries. The following Library of Congress Subject Headings can be used with the Basic Search by Subject Heading to locate books:

Keyword search:

For additional, useful subject headings for your topic, consult the following listings, available in the Reference Collection or online:

You may also want to browse the collection in the following call number areas:

  • P 87-95.6

Interlibrary Loan

If we don't have it, you've still got options!

  • Search other Library catalogs over the Web.
  • Books that Marshall does not own or have access to may be ordered via our Information Delivery Services (IDS).
  • To see a list of specific Library of Congress Subject Headings, from the Library Catalog's Subject search page, perform a Subject search on the word "journalism," or "public relations," or "photojournalism" etc., and click on the "related subjects" link.

Library of Congress Classification

The Library of Congress has develpoed systems of classification for almost every subject know to man.  These "classes" or "subject headings" are you roadmap for finding items in the Marshall University Drinko Library. 

The subject of journalism is a "sub-class" of a larger class.  In this case Class P Language and Literature is the main class with most of the Jouranlism items loacted in subclass PN.

PN4699-5650 Journalism. The periodical press, etc.
PN4735-4748 Relation to the state. Government and the press.  Liberty of the press.
PN4775-4784 Technique.  Practical journalism
PN4825-4830 Amateur journalism
PN4832-4836 Magazines and other periodicals
PN4840-5648 By region or country

Other subjects such as Broadcasting, Radio, Mass Media may also be beneficial.

PN1990-1992.92 Broadcasting
PN1991-1991.9 Radio broadcasts
PN1992-1992.92 Television broadcasts 
PN1992.93-1992.95 Nonbroadcast video recordings 

When researching media and journalism there will be beneficial information in many other areas such as Philogy, Linguistics, Sociology, Technology, or Ethics.

Ex. A keyword search using Ethics and Journalism (will lead you to subjects such as "journalistic ethics")