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HerdCon - Marshall University's Pop Culture Convention: Vendors, Artists, Exhibitors

HerdCon is Marshall University's Pop Culture Convention. held at the MU Student Center. The 2021 Convention will be virtual, Monday, March 1st - Saturday, March 6th.Email or with questions.

HerdCon 2020 Exhibitors

Critically Absurd TV Podcast and Convention

Fantastic Floor Nerdcast

Knerds of the Roundtable

Cabell County Public Library

MentalBreak Studios


MU Pros and Cons Cosplay Club

American Red Cross


US Census

Lewis College of Business Brad D. Smith Schools of Business

Black Mountain Guard


The Outer Rim Praxeum Lightsaber School


Thundering Nerds Math Club

MU Furries United

Marshall Digital Humanities

WV Autism Training Center

The College Program for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder


Amancane Base Rebel Legion

Marshall University Game Design Guild

HerdCon 2020 Vendors

Vendor contract

You can download and view our 2021 Vendor Contract below.  Once you have registered, please read and sign the contract before emailing it back to us at

Terms and Conditions
1. This event is family friendly and will be hosting guests of ALL ages. Vendors and Artists agree NOT to display or sell items such as following:
1.1. Real knives, firearms, swords, martial arts weapons, tasers, and other weapons or items that are inherently dangerous.
1.2. Pornographic or other materials deemed “adult” in nature.
1.3. Alcohol, vaping products, pipes and other restricted items.
1.4. Bootleg CDs, VCDs, DVDs, video games, and other trademarked or copyrighted materials.
2. Vendors and Artists are responsible for obtaining all city or state licensing or permits, and paying associated fees and taxes as well as comply
with all local, state, and federal laws.
3. Vendors and Artists are responsible for providing documentation for licensed materials for sale in their booth.
4. HerdCon DOES NOT provide insurance for Vendors and Artists. The Vendor or Artist is responsible for obtaining any insurance, if desirable,
to protect the Vendor/Artist and Vendor’s/Artist’s property from damage, loss, theft, harm, or injury.
5. The Vendor or Artist expressly grants HerdCon and Marshall University a non-exclusive license to use, display, and reproduce the name,
trade names, and product names of the vendor in any directory (print, electronic, or other media) listing the exhibiting companies or
vendors at the event and to use such names in HerdCon promotional materials. HerdCon shall not be held liable for any errors in any listing
or descriptions or for omitting any vendor from the directory or other lists or materials.
6. The Vendor or Artist agrees that HerdCon may take photographs of the vendor’s booth space, exhibit, and personnel during, before, or after
the open hours of the event and use such photographs for any HerdCon promotional purpose.
7. The Vendor or Artist may NOT use HerdCon or Marshall University and their associated trademarks or logos without the express written
permission of HerdCon or Marshall University.
7.1. Vendors or Artists may request copies of promotional materials produced by HerdCon for the express purpose of promoting the event
and their involvement in the event; however,permission it NOT inherently granted to reproduce, alter, or use for their own purpose or gain,
or for the purpose of promoting the Con, Marshall University or HerdCon logo or trademarked images.
If you are unable to participate in the Virtual HerdCon event and wish to have your vendor/artist links removed, please contact us as soon as
possible at
Since this is a free event, there will be no refunds for cancellations.
Vendors or Artists failing to comply with the aforementioned rules and agreement will be asked to close up shop without a refund, and will
be barred from future events.
Vendors and Artists will hold harmless HerdCon, Marshall University, and any event facilities or any of their respective officers, agents,
employees, members, representatives or affiliates, from any liability, damage, loss, harm, claim, or injury to property or person of the
Vendor, Vendor officers, agents, employees or other persons, whether caused by the negligence of HerdCon or event facilities, or from
theft, fire, water, accident, or any other cause whatsoever.



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