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Graduate Students: Home

Greetings, Graduate Students!

Welcome to Libguides, librarian-created portals to enhance the research process for students and faculty using the MU Libraries.  We constantly try to bring you new and exciting tools for research and to provide seamless integration of our resources and services from print to online.  We welcome comments or suggestions for improving your information experience.  Best wishes for a great year! 

Dr. Monica García Brooks
Associate Vice President for Libraries & Online Learning / Dean of University Libraries

Learn Anything with LinkedIn

Learning with LinkedIn

New to a certain software, program, or technique? Try LinkedIn 

Check out , which provides tutorials on many different topics, including how to use the Adobe Suite, EndNote, 3D + Animation, Audio & Music, Business, CAD, Design, Developer, Education + ELearning, IT, and more.

Stay Current

Identify Top Journals in Your Field

  1. Ask your professors what journals they read
  2. Note which journals you have used in your research
  3. Follow journals that are listed in article bibliographies

Set Up Alerts

Saved Search/Keyword Alerts:

  • Develop a keyword search in your favorite database and the latest articles matching your keywords will be sent automatically to you. You may need to create an account in the database first.
  • You can also set this up in Google Scholar by running a search and then clicking on the envelope on the left that says “Create Alert”.

Citation Alert

  • Google Scholar: do a search for your author or citation. Then, click on "Cited by" and then click on "Create Alert."