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Theses & Dissertations

ETD Guidelines and Templates

Marshall University Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) Guidelines 2023-2024

These guidelines cover the ETD preparation and submission process at Marshall University from manuscript formatting to ETD review and final publication.

ETDs will be reviewed according to the guidelines in place the semester they are submitted for publication. Please verify that you are using the most recent version, and always use the most recent Word template.

Your department may have additional requirements not documented here. Confirm any departmental requirements with your advisor and committee chair.

Microsoft Word ETD Template

Please use this template to format your thesis or dissertation for publication.

The front matter (i.e., title page, table of contents, etc.) will be formatted the same for all disciplines.

The body of the manuscript and references should be formatted according to the style guide chosen for your manuscript. Heading, table, and figure examples in the template are presented using APA style, but you may update these in the style you have chosen. 

Your references and the body of your manuscript should be formatted using the same style.

Final Draft Checklist for Students

This checklist contains the same criteria Marshall reviewers use during the ETD review process. Go through it yourself before submitting your manuscript to reduce the likelihood you will be asked for major revisions.