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English 499: Reaching 20 pages

How-To Videos


 15-20 pages is quite a chunk of words...

...but you can do it! On this page, I've provided a few videos on how to take advantage of some of the database features that can help expand your research. These are just a few of the ways to let the databases do some of the work for you, but they may not work for every topic/theory. If you find yourself stuck after trying the below avenues, please don't hesitate to Ask a Librarian for help. 

Viewing Tips

  • Don't hear any sound? That's okay because there is no sound. Simply look for the mouse icon in the video to follow along.
  • Images a bit fuzzy? I know, it's annoying. Just hang in there, because I'm working towards a solution. 
  • The videos below can be expanded to fill your screen. Simply look for the following icon, located in the lower right corner of the video screen: 

Artemis Literary Sources*- Topic Finder

* also known as Gale Literary Sources

Credo Reference Mind Map 

A feature very similar to the Artemis Topic Finder, the Credo Mind Map can be found in the Credo Reference database. When you enter a search term, you will see a spider-web type image on the left-side of the screen (for most results). This is an interactive feature that allows you to see connected terms/concepts and to explore additional reference sources based on those terms/concepts.

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