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Introduction to MU Libraries: Quiz

Provides an overview of library services and how to do research.

Library Quiz

Answer the following questions (as applicable, in your own words), and submit them using the method your professor requires (e-mail, Blackboard, etc.).

1. True or false: Marshall students may borrow ("check out") books from the general collection for a period of up to six weeks.

2. What is the library's search engine called?

3. True or false: pages you find on the open internet have all been reviewed by experts.

4. True or false: including a website's URL is enough to cite a resource in an academic paper.

5. Where can you find Marshall Libraries' collection of Government Documents?

6. True or false: encyclopedia entries are a good starting point for research. 

7. True or false: in order to check items out from the library, you do not need your student ID with you.

8. If you are looking for a book and it is not in Drinko Library's general collection, which service should you use to obtain it?

9. True or false: the library only has books, CDs, and DVDs available to check out.

10. True or false: there is only one citation style.