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CD 601 Course Guide: Communications Disorders - Intro to Graduate Studies: Recommended Databases

Help & Tutorials

If you are new to some of the advanced searching strategies and specific subject vocabulary used in focused searching, check out these tutorials.

Medline vs. PubMed

What is the difference?  Which should you use?

Just so you know, Medline is a subset of PubMed.  We recommend that you always use the PubMed link from the list of MU Libraries databases.  The library holdings will display if Marshall owns the journal/article when you select the "abstract" option on the left side of the results list.

On the other hand,  if you want your search limited to evidence-based research, it is recommended that you use the Medline from the EBSCO platform.

For more information, the US National Library of Medicine has prepared a Fact Sheet on this topic.

Online Databases for Communication Disorders

We recommend that you search these sources for research related to communication disorders.  Of course,  don't overlook other databases.  Through our resurces we offer access to hundreds of thousands of articles.

Reference Databases