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Religious Studies: Christianity

This online guide is developed specifically for those doing research in Religion. It provides a recommended list of resources, which encompasses print materials, electronic databases, and selected Internet resources.

Credo Reference

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To find books and materials in the Marshall University Libraries on Christianity, click on the library catalog, and select the Subject tab. Enter any of the following terms to find materials on Christianity:

  • Christianity (also various subject headings beginning with Christianity such as Christianity and Geography)
  • Christian (various subject headings beginning with Christian such as Christian Literature)
  • Church (various subject headings beginning with Church such as Church History)
  • Catholic Church (or other named denominations such as Coptic or Russian Orthodox)

In addition, the Keyword Search option can be used.

To browse in the stacks, use:

  • BR1-BR1725 - Christianity
  • BS1-BS2970 - Bible
  • Bx200-BX756 - Orthodox Eastern Church
  • BX800-BX4795 - Catholic Church
  • BX5011-5207 - Church of England
  • BX6201-BX6495 - Baptist Churches
  • BX8001-BX8080 - Lutheran Church
  • BX8601-BX8695 - Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

The Reference Collection, located on the first floor of Drinko Library, contains many print resources that provide useful background information:

Some useful online resources for this topic are: