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English 201 - Forrest Roth

Review: What's the assignment?

  • Before you begin your research, make sure you are finding the exact number and type of sources required by your professor, and that you know exactly which citation style to use. 
  • Not sure? Review your assignment sheet or the information your professor provided about the assignment in the syllabus or in Blackboard.

How to Use this Page

  • Explore the databases below by clicking on the green titles to search within the database.
  • Read the eBooks by clicking on the title to open them in a new browser.
  • Find the print books by following the call number information provided and the directions.

Music Databases* for finding online articles, eBooks, etc.


*Review: What's a database?

  • A virtual "library" where our online materials are kept, such as scholarly journal articles, eBooks, and popular sources (newspapers & magazines). Still not sure? Visit our "What is a Database?" FAQ.
  • Keep in mind: compared to Summon, which searches everything, our databases are structured on subjects, or disciplines. Therefore, they may have a smaller number of results, but sometimes a much more relevant number of results.

Print Books

How to Look Up Print Books

  • On the library's homepage, expand the Catalog search. 
  • Enter your search terms. A very general example is "music"
  • On the result list, limit the location to "Drinko Library"

Where are the Print Books?

  • If the call number says Drinko Reference Collection, go to Drinko Library's 1st floor. 
  • If the call number says Drinko General Collection, and begins with a "A - J,"  go to Drinko Library's 2nd floor. 
  • If the call number says Drinko General Collection, and begins with a "K - Z," go to Drinko Library's 3rd floor. 
    • the Music books begin with "M," so they'll be located on Drinko's 2nd floor.
  • If the call number says Special Collections, go to Morrow Library's 2nd floor. 

How to Use a Call Number to Locate a Book 

  • The call number ranges are on the sides of the physical shelves in the library. 
  • Find the right range, and then use the call number stickers on the sides of the books to find the right section. 
  • Then, looking at your book's full call number, and the call numbers of the books on the shelves, go through each number until you find the exact item. 

Can't find your book? Don't get discouraged!

If you can't find your book, it is probably just not where it's supposed to be. Try these tips:

  • Double-check your call number. Make sure you're in the right area before spending too much time looking.
  • Look around on the shelves. Does it seem like the subject matter is similar to what you're look for? Then search the nearby shelves to see if your book is slightly out of order. 
  • Ask for help. Sometimes, you just need a librarian to help. The staff at the front desk of the main lobby can help you locate items. 


Below is just a sampling of relevant books: