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English 101 - Cat Pleska: Research Databases


 Research Databases

Below is a list of library databases that are recommended for the ENG 101 assignments for this class.

Reminder: a library database simply houses our digitized library materials. 

In the list below, read the sentence for each database to decided if it contains information relevant to your topic. Then, simply click on the database title (green text) to access it. 

 Additional Resources


Find the Best Sources

Database Searching

Sometimes, you can use a specific database for a better quality list of results. Some good places to start are listed below, or you can view the full list:

Finding Advertisements

Librarian Alexandra Hauser, of Michigan State University Libraries, has created a helpful guide on looking for advertisements. While some of her suggested databases are not freely available to you as a Marshall student, her list of online resources and strategies could be very useful. You can find her guide online here: