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Bridging Cultures Bookshelf: Muslim Journeys (National Endowment for the Humanities Award): Pathways of Faith

Marshall University has been awarded the Muslim Journeys Bookshelf, a collection of books, films, and other resources that will introduce the American public to the complex history and culture of Muslims in the U.S. and around the world.

Pathways of Faith, Developed by Frederick M. Denny, University of Colorado

Following the correct pathway to spiritual fulfillment and success is a key Islamic principle. Readings for this theme explore the basic requirements of learning and obeying the Qur’anic revelation, following the Prophet’s teachings, and engaging in specific formal practices. Also introduced are the pathways leading from Judaism and Christianity to Islam, the youngest of the three Abrahamic religions; the divergent pathways followed by the Sunni and Shia communities; and the mystical pathways to spiritual fulfillment known as Sufism.

The Story of the Qua'ran: Its History and Place in Muslim Life

Rumi: Poet and Mystic

Muhammad: A Very Short Introduction

The Art of Hajj

The Children of Abraham: Judaism, Christianity, Islam