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PSC 412: Library Databases

Using the library databases

If Summon is like Google, and Google is the middle-man between you and the world's websites, then remember that Summon is the middle-man between you and the library's online resources (a "database" is simply where our online resources are housed). 

Each database below will have a search box, and many of them will have options similar to Summon to allow you to narrow your search. Select whichever ones seem the most relevant to your research needs, and explore them using your search terms and key concepts (click on the info icon to read the database descriptions). You can always return to this page to try a different one if needed. 

Political Science

News & Stats


You can narrow the full list based on subject (ex., Political Science), Type (ex., eBook, Full Text), Vendow (ex. EBSCO), or by a keyword search (not of the database content, but of the database description).

Can't find something you need?

Visit our Information Delivery Services page to request a book, article, DVD, or other materials from another university library in the event that Marshall Libraries doesn't have full-text access, or, when we simply don't have what you need. This service is free to use!