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ENG 101P : Videos

Watch these videos to familiarize yourself with the resources from Marshall University Libraries that will help you with your research projects.

  • Total runtime of videos: 19:47

  • Each video contains sound (music with a voiceover narration), but subtitles in each video allow them to be viewed on mute.

Video 1 (02:44 / sound and subtitles)

Video 2 (03:22 / sound and subtitles)

Search Summon for articles, books, & more


Video 3 (02:05 / sound with subtitles)

Video 4 (03:43 / sound with subtitles)

Video 5 (02:36 / sound with subtitles)

Video 6 (02:40 / sound with subtitles)

Video 7 (02:37 / sound with subtitles)

Demonstration of filtering Summon results and accessing online articles