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 How-to Videos & Tutorials




The libraries provide tutorial videos for using our resources, because sometimes it's tricky to know how to use all of the different databases, or how to use all of our helpful services.

The libraries provide access to both print journals on campus and eJounals via the databases.

View these tutorials when doing research for your courses:

Finding books at Marshall Libraries. Two options: Online or In print. Use the left and right arrows to navigate this tutorial. Total slides in this tutorial : 8. LOGO: Marshall Libraries and Online Learning.
Where to start. 1) From the library homepage (, look for the Search section. 2) You will see several options, but the top two - Summon and Marshall Libraries Catalog (Figure A, which shows the two search boxes mentioned.) - will allow you to search for print and online materials. 3) Click on either option to expand the search features (Figure B, which shows the two search boxes mentioned as expanded features.). 4) The following slides will show you how to use each search function to find the books you need to do your scholarly research.
Print or E-Books (Summon). 1) Enter your search term(s) in the Summon search box on the library’s homepage . 2) From the results page,  you will see a left-side column with many options for narrowing your search results, titled: Refine Your Search. 3) The features in this column include many tools, including Content Type, which allows you to choose to see only Books and eBooks in the results list (Figure A, which shows the Content Type option in Summon). 4) If you prefer only print books or only eBooks, then locate the Library Location section and select either Online Resources (for eBooks), or a specific library building (for print) (Figure B, which shows the Library Location options in Summon).
Print or E-Books (Summon) (Continued). Below are screenshots of a Summon search results page that has three examples of the search results you’ll see when using Summon to find print and online books. Example 1 is for a print book located in Drinko Library. Example 2 is for an eBook. Example 3 is for a book that is available both online and in print.
Print or E-Books (Catalog). 1) Enter your search term(s) in the Catalog search box on the library’s homepage. 2) From the results page, look near the top for options to narrow the location of your items. This drop-down menu is titled
Print books – All locations (Catalog). When using the Marshall Libraries Catalog, you will see a Location for each book specifying in which building it is housed. This information appears first in the green bar of text. Included on this slide is a screenshot of a Catalog search results page that features books from Drinko Library, Morrow Stacks, Special Collections, and South Charleston. Locations not pictured include Government Documents, Health Sciences Library, and Juvenile Collection.
E-books (Catalog). When searching for books in the Marshall Libraries Catalog, if you chose Online Resources for the Location, you will see only eBooks on the results page. To access an eBook, simply click on the search result and follow the links/instructions to that resource’s online database (where all online library materials live). If you encounter problems or have any questions about accessing eBooks, contact the library. Included on this slide is a screenshot of a Catalog search results page that consists of only eBooks.
Have questions? Call: 304-696-2321 or Email:, or view all help options at