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HerdCon - Marshall University's Pop Culture Convention: Welcome

HerdCon is Marshall University's Pop Culture Convention. held at the MU Student Center. The 2021 Convention will be virtual, Monday, March 1st - Saturday, March 6th.Email or with questions.

HerdCon 2021 Schedule


11 a.m.

Rachael Nolan - Geeking Out at the Library

What does the Cabell County Public Library have available for anime and video game lovers? All kinds of things! We're not just about books! Reference librarian Rachael Nolan will show off a variety of library goodies, how to apply for a card, and how to access our website and digital resources. The best part: IT’S FREE! Stop by and ask any questions you might have.

1 p.m.

Joshua Smith - Semi-Live Reading

I'll be screening a live reading of one of the books in my grimdark fantasy series, the Saga of the Dead Men Walking. In addition, I'll provide a Q&A with it.


11 a.m.

Streaming Comic-Con International Education Series - “Comics and the Art of Visual Storytelling”

International Comic-Con Education Series, “Comics and the Art of Visual Storytelling.” “With the growing global awareness of visual literacy, there are elements of storytelling that have always been a natural part of our reading and learning experience. These panelists will talk about what these elements are, how they have developed, and why the comics world has always been an important part of our reading and learning.”

12:30 p.m.

Allison Smith - Dungeons and Dealing with Things

Dungeons and Dragons has had a renaissance online and in popular media recently, with many podcasts and YouTube channels dedicated to the game. Since its beginning, D&D has been an outlet for expression, storytelling, and projection. Today, being able to explore facets of your personality and creativity is a staple of the medium and continues to help people "deal with things" and work out bits of themself in a creative way. By examining the psychology of games and the explosion of popularity that it has had, we can learn to apply these fantastical lessons to our own life.


11 a.m.

Streaming Comic-Con International Education Series - “Laugh & Learn Humor in Kids Comics”

International Comic-Con Education Series, “Laugh & Learn Humor in Kids Comics.” “What do you call a graphic novel with no humor? An adult graphic novel! But seriously: humor is key to many beloved children’s comics. In this panel, discover new funny books that will leave kids gleefully giggling and loving to read. Panelists include Lincoln Peirce, Sarah Kuhn, Mika Song, and Art Baltazar. The discussion will be moderated by Brigid Alverson.”

1 p.m.

Bill Bissett

How to Create a Collection That Doesn’t Make You Crazy

As a collector of comic books and other pop culture for more than four decades, I will discuss how to focus your collection of "stuff" so it makes sense for you, becomes fun again, and keeps you from wasting time, money and space. Modeled somewhat on Marie Kondo's books as well as the presenter's own experience, the end result of this panel is a hobby that you enjoy that does not make you crazy.


11 a.m.

Streaming Comic-Con International Education Series – “Continuing John Lewis ‘March’: Comics to Teach Civic Awareness”

International Comic-Con Education Series, “Continuing John Lewis ‘March’: Comics to Teach Civic Awareness.” Panelists include, Meryl Jaffe, PhD, Talia Hurwich, Andrew Aydin, Fred Van Lente, Ryan Dunlavey, Jenna Ryall, Brian Carlin, and Yohuru Williams.

1 p.m.

JR Earls – Alfie’s Quick Draw and Art Sale

Come participate and get unique one-of-a-kind art.


11 a.m.

Streaming Comic-Con International Education Series – “Comics for the Youngest Readers (K-2)”

International Comic-Con Education Series, “Comics for the Youngest Readers (K-2).” “Creators Jenni Holm, Andy Runton, Dan Santat, and Jeff Smith chat with Debbie Huey and moderator Tracy Edmunds about comics for K-2 readers. Find out why comics are a great medium for boosting literacy and practicing comprehension skills and enjoy fascinating stories about the creation of these fantastic books.”

1 p.m.

Dr. Kristen Lillvis and the Game Design Guild – Build a Game and Game Jam Awards Ceremony

  1. Build a Game with Twine
  2. Game Jam Award Ceremony


11 a.m.

Streaming Comic-Con International Education Series – “The Complexities of Teaching Graphic Novels on College Campuses”

International Comic-Con Education Series, “The Complexities of Teaching Graphic Novels on College Campuses.” “It's taken a while, but there's never been a time when graphic novels and comics have been so embraced by universities and colleges in formal classes, studies, and even comic conventions. This panel provides an inside look at ground-breaking courses by the professionals and academics who are bringing Geek Culture to campuses nationwide (and beyond)!”

1 p.m.

Kelci Crawford – KickStarter Party for The Legend of Jamie Roberts

Join the comic artist (and guests!) to celebrate the launch of The Legend of Jamie Roberts, volume 1 on KickStarter! We'll be answering viewer questions about this swashbuckling adventure comic.


7 p.m.

Katherine Skipworth and Cospayer in Residence: Licia Rei of Kiss a Frog Cosplay – Cosplay Contest

Herdcon invites cosplayers of all levels to participate in a virtual cosplay contest!

Submit three photos max to #HerdCon21Cosplay. Make sure your posts are public and that @HerdCon is tagged so we can see posts.

In one word tell us about your character.

Include your preferred level of expertise. Levels include: exhibition ( just for fun), novice, journeymen and master!

Submissions will be accepted beginning on Monday March 1 through Friday March 5 at 2pm.

Winners will be announced Friday evening!

Prizes will include cosplay accessories and supplies!

Share your creativity with the HerdCon community!

Cosplay open virtual contest rules:

1 entry per person

Family-friendly event: no nudity or semblance of nudity.

Contestants will be judged based on concept, creativity, and execution.

We reserve the right to disqualify any entries that violates our rules.


Marshall University’s Pop Culture Convention, HerdCon, is back (virtually) in 2021!


via Zoom - March 1st - 6th!




HerdCon 2020 t-shirt design by Andrew Burgess

Pros and Cons Cosplay Club

Pros and Cons Cosplay Club

Pros and Cons Cosplay Club

Pros and Cons Cosplay Club