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FYS 100 Libguide: FYS 100 Intro

Developed as a part of the Credo Reference Learning Community.

Need to learn new software?

Marshall University has provided a new tool for students to help you get up to speed on software you may need to use in your classes.  Go to for helpful tutorials for Microsoft Office, Adobe Photshop, Wordpress and more ...  Just use your Marshall MUnet login and password. 

If you have questions about, please contact the IT Service Desk via email, phone (304-696-320), or visit their website.

What Is First Year Seminar about?

Finish high school, start college. Pretty simple, huh?

There's much more to that transition than you might realize. Here at Marshall, your professors will expect you to think hard, be skeptical of information, ask questions (BIG QUESTIONS), be professional, own your own mistakes, experiment, appreciate points of view that are different from your own, be on time, read deeply, communicate complex ideas, and make connections between seemingly unrelated things.

First Year Seminar (FYS 100) will help you to live up to these expectations. Take the course seriously and you will be primed for success at Marshall. 

Catalog Course Description: 

First Year Seminar in Critical Thinking. Students will learn integrative/critical thinking skills integral to life-long learning through discussion, interaction, discovery, problem solving, writing, research, reflection, and examination of multicultural/international issues.  

The overall goal of this class is to start practicing using the tools and skills that any college graduate will need in work and in life. By the time you graduate from Marshall University, you will be a much better problem solver than you are now. You will have expertise in using nine major tools (alone or together) to understand an issue, accomplish a complex task, or fix a problem. The nine tools (aka Core Domains) are:

  • communication fluency
  • creative thinking
  • ethical and civic thinking
  • information literacy
  • integrative thinking
  • intercultural thinking
  • inquiry based thinking
  • metacognitive thinking
  • quantitative thinking

This class will give you the chance to dig in and practice using five of these tools (highlighted in green font) right away.


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