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Music Research Guide: This Just In...

This online guide is developed specifically for those doing research in music. It provides a recommended list of resources which encompasses print materials, electronic databases, and selected Web resources.

Helpful Information

Instructions for logging into Oxford Music Online

-Go to Oxford Music Online Database.  

-Make sure Marshall University is selected as the institution. 

-Click Sign In

-Enter your name and password this is the same info you use to access all MU computers.  It is the first part of your email address ex: Alfred Schnittke emal address is -or-  schnittkea is the first part of the address and the username.  Again, this is just an example.  Use your email address.  Alfred Schnittke will not log you into Oxford. 

-Enter schnittkea, (AGAIN, EXAMPLE ONLY) then enter your password.  This is usually the series of randomm letters given to you the first day of your college career and you likely changed them.  I hope you remember them.  If you do not you will have to get IT to reset your password.  

-Once you are logged in you are free to search.  Each article should have an open padlock next to it.  If not, then you are not logged in.  

The University Libraries have purchased a new turntables and headphone amplifiers.  We have over 4000 LPs in Morrow.  MU students, Faculty, and staff can now go to Morrow and pull an LP from the shelf, bring it upstairs or carry it to Drinko where they can listen.  Bring your own headphones. 

Stop by Morrow and listen to some of these great LPs we have available.  

Music Reference Collection

The music collection has been moved to the 3rd floor of the Drinko Library.  All reference material, scores, text, media, etc. are available in one centralized location. 

New Arrivals...

Adding Gaburo, Segura, and Mann writings to the Marshall University Libraries collection. I will be adding Nancarrow and Gaburo scores over the next few days. I also purchased the entire Johanna Beyer collection from Frog Peak. Lots of beautiful music will be available soon.

The John H. Mead Trombone Literature Collection

We have added 32 scores from the Dr. John H. Mead library.  These scores were gifts from the Mead family and include performance pieces, methods, etudes, etc.  This is a valuable collection for the trombone studio from a former faculty member.  

These scores can be found on the 3rd floor of Drinko.  

John H. Mead Trombone Literature Collection

New Databases

New Databases have been added to the Online Databases Page.  ABC-CLIO is gone; Historical Abstracts and American History & Life have been picked up by Ebsco.  This acquistion provides more content for the user.  Proquest has updated Dissertations and Theses, adding more content.  And, of course RILM has been added to the page. 


Music Librarian