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Music Research Guide: Music Education

This online guide is developed specifically for those doing research in music. It provides a recommended list of resources which encompasses print materials, electronic databases, and selected Web resources.

Selected Web Links

General Information

To find books and materials in the Marshall University Libraries on this topic, log on to the library catalog. Then select Subject from the dropdown tab. Enter any of the following phrases to find items on music education:

  • Music in education

  • Music instruction and study

  • Music teachers

  • Music therapy

  • Musical ability

  • Music psychology

  • School music

To browse in the stacks, the following classification numbers will help you locate materials on music education:

  • M 1990 to M 1994 = Music for children and youth. Includes action songs, musical games, and school songbooks.

  •  ML 3830 to ML 3838 = Books about the psychology of music (Drinko)

  • MT 1 through MT 3 = Books about general music education (Drinko)

  • MT 898 to MT 949 = Books about techniques for working with children (Drinko)