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Music Research Guide: Composers

This online guide is developed specifically for those doing research in music. It provides a recommended list of resources which encompasses print materials, electronic databases, and selected Web resources.

Selected Web Links

General Information

To find books and materials in the Marshall University Libraries on composers, log on to the library catalog. Then use the Basic Search option and select Subject Heading from the "search type" list. Enter any of the following terms to find materials on composers:


Women composers

African American composers

In addition, the books about an individual composer may be searched under Subject by entering the last name first; likewise the music of a particular composer can be searched under Author by entering last name first.

To browse in the stacks for information on composers, the following classification numbers can be used as a guide:

  • ML 410 = Composer biographies (Music and Morrow)

  • MT 40 to MT 67 = Composition (Music and Morrow)