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FYS 100 Libguide: HOME

Developed as a part of the Credo Reference Learning Community.

Useful MU Links

These links will take you to resources and web pages that will help you in your first year at Marshall University.

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 Welcome to Marshall!  You look great.


How to Use This LibGuide

A LibGuide is a one-stop shop to get quick and easy access to the most relevant resources offered by a library. This particular LibGuide is for you, the FYS 100 student. We have collected many resources to help you make the most of your learning experience in First Year Seminar.

Just above this window you'll see five blue tabs:

  • HOME: You are on the Home page right now. If you want to return to this page, just click the appropriate tab at the top.
  • FYS 100: Click on this tab to learn more about the purpose of First Year Seminar and what you can expect in this course. 
    • Integrative thinking involves looking at a complex problem through multiple lenses or "domains of thinking." Click directly on the Integrative Thinking tab at the top of this page to learn more about how to integrate the discipline of your major with other disciplines in order to become a better problem-solver. 
    • If integrative thinking uses multiple domains of thinking, then spending some time mastering the questions and methods of each domain is in order. To see a drop-down menu listing seven different domains of thinking, hover over the Integrative Thinking tab, then click on the domain you wish to investigate. 
  • THE RESEARCH PROCESS: Click on this tab to learn more about how to conduct an effective and focused search for information, how to cite the sources you find, and how to know whether a source is reliable.
  • TEST YOUR SKILLS!: Answer a few brief questions to learn more about how you evaluate information.

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